Employment Law: We Know the Workplace

We have significant employment law experience.  In fact, Attorney Alejandro Pérez worked as a human resources professional prior to attending law school.  Alejandro’s previous experiences allow him to provide added value to his employment clients.

Out attorney represent both employees and employers regarding claims of alleged racial, age, national origin, disability and religious discrimination, harassment and/or retaliation; testing and public accommodations; wage and hour disputes; and restrictive covenants disputes brought under state and federal law.  We also assist clients in responding to charges filed with various administrative agencies.

In addition to litigation, we work closely  with businesses of all sizes to educate and advise on litigation avoidance techniques and compliance issues, including:

  • Drafting and implementing employment handbooks, policies, processes, and training;
  • Advising employers on day-to-day legal advice, including hiring, single-employee or large-scale terminations, implementing and assessing risk related to reductions-in-force, and hiring issues;
  • Comprehensive employment practices audits; and
  • Drafting employment contracts, confidentiality, and restrictive covenant agreements.

We also assist clients in educating their workforces by facilitating training on a range of employment topics, such as EEO, diversity and inclusion, implicit bias, respectful workplace norms, sexual harassment, leadership skills training and a number of other employment-related issues.

Employers can also count on us to thoroughly investigate workplace problems.  We assist employers and schools by conducting impartial investigations of sensitive and complex complaints, including harassment, discrimination, retaliation, violence, bullying, dishonesty, ethical and policy violations, and whistleblowing.

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